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*Sometimes you just want a real taco*

Hi, I'm Melissa. I'm totally in love with Epigone. I want to have his babies. I live in the asscrack of california somewhere, and some people believe I'm insane. This post probably means dick to most of you, but I thought I'd share myself (like its the first time or something). Before I go I would like to ask you all a question. I'm looking to do a little role play tonight with this totally hot chick.. any suggestions?

Love, Peace, and Afro Greece,
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that icon is awful...

I <3 Michael Jackson
Thanks for your comment Macaulay!

naw personally I think that's all bullshit

go listen to some Michael Jackson, that's some kick ass music, it's all about the music
Well, if its all about the music, then why is my Icon so awful as you put it? It doesn't say Michael Jackson stinks and his music sucks ass, It's just poking fun at his unnatural look and his obsession with plastic surgery. You are the first person ever to say how awful it was, Or anything negative for that matter. Personally, I can tolerate Michael Jacksons MUSIC, as for his strange behavior...well obviously you know how I feel by my icon. It's humorous to me and many other people, thats what the icon is for. Humor. Now if the icon said something like I think Michael Jackson is the equivalent of an Overpriced, Overpaid Circus Act, then I would leave a little room for scrutiny.
Actually I was more stating how awful it was in more of an amused sort of way. It doesn't really bother me it's was Michael Jackson....with boobs....

I wasn't saying it was awful as in it wasn't good, or it was inappropriate, just that it was "out there".

No offense meant and it wasn't really a negative comment, just a comment. Maybe I should have chose a better word. Sorry.
I'm not mad....its really hard to express what you really mean over the internet. No Hardies.